Plant cultivation.


In the summer 2014 a new drying plant were
built in the gestation stable.


Here the outer walls are strengthened with a
reinforced concrete wall.

Here we are casting between the air channels.


The walls are built from playwood plates between
the iron pillars.



Here we are baling big bales intended for sale.



During the last 3-4 years the straw are sold
to the district heating stations.



Beautiful winter rapeseed in full flower.

Here is the last malting barley harvested during
August 2010.




Behind the combine harvester it is clearly very
nice and dry harvest weather.


Here wheat is sown in a fine seedbed during September 2010.The sowing machine is fitted with disc coulters, giving the seeds an optimum to get in the soil.

In order to get the soil well packed between
the wheels of the tractor, a front-packer is an
effective tool.


Now the sowing machine will be filled with a big bag of seed corn.